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heavy duty side shift mulchers

Tractors from 100 - 200 hp

These folding mulchers aren�t for the faint hearted. With a width of upto 6.4m you can cover your ground in no time. Two rows of counter combs makes the mulch even finer and lets the nutrients break down into the soil even faster.


  1. High clearance for high output and easy to drive heavy duty RHS headstock – robust in undulating country
  2. Double skinned chassis
  3. Dual position headstock for centre mount or offset operation
  4. Floating linkage
  5. Fixed front counter blades
  6. Replaceable upper counter blades
  7. Opening rear door
  8. High speed 1800 rpm rotor
  9. Integrated over-run clutch
  10. Y flails
  11. Front protection flaps
  12. Integrated over-run clutch
  13. 4 belt transmission
  14. Rear tail lights for road transport


Models Working widths (cm) hp rating (max) Fact Sheet
TAURAS 200, 225, 250 120 Download
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