How to Take Vineyard Pruning Up A Level

Take Your Vineyard Pruning Up A Level

The cold months are upon us, which means only one thing: winter pruning and mulching. If you are looking for a new vineyard mulcher then you have come to the right place. But did you know you can use your own pruncings to create organic mulch? The Celli mulchers from Farmgard do this and much more.

Our top-of-the-range Celli pruning mulchers are renowned for efficiently turning winter pruning into nutrient rich, insulating mulch that is good for your soil and vines.

By pruning at the right time and in the right way, you can supply yourself with your own mulching material that can be easily cut up and distributed by one of our vineyard mulchers.

In this blog we share some important pruning techniques and mulching techniques and how our innovative Celli mulching equipment can do the job.

When to Start Pruning

There isn’t an exact date in your calendar for when you should start your winter pruning. Rather, you should “listen” to your orchard and judge carefully for yourself.

One of the best pieces of advice is to wait until your vine leaves begin to fall before you prune. When vines begin to drop their leave, they also begin to renew their resources. By pruning at this point, you encourage healthy growth in the spring.

Weather conditions also determine when you should prune. Dry conditions are best if you want to reduce the frequency of Psa disease, which thrives in wet weather.

Finally, it’s important to sterilise your pruning tools so you do not expose your vines to harmful pathogens.

How do I get the Most out of Vineyard Pruning?

Pruning is an opportunity to check the health of your vines. Check for and remove any Psa cankers and prune your orchard carefully to address too dominant vines.

Ensure that you visit and prune each vine and treat them with care, noting any problems or observations as you go.

You should also tie down your vines as you prune. The goal is to keep your orchard light-filled with good air circulation through the canopy.

You can also check if you have been missing fruit anywhere. This should be logged and addressed at the next harvest.

What’s the Point of Vineyard Mulching After Pruning?

Mulching replenishes soil material and also prevents weed from growing. Mulching is also a fantastic way to conserve water and help your vineyard resist pests and diseases.

Importantly, mulching keeps your vineyard in optimal condition through the winter months, protecting your vines from the harmful effects of frost.

By mulching, you are using naturally available materials to promote your vine health, rather than relying on harmful pesticides.

If you are wishing to maintain or work towards organic status, then mulching after pruning will be indispensable to you.

By using a Celli mulcher from Farmgard for your own prunings for mulch, you are using organic material that is naturally suitable to your soil conditions and vines.

Why You Need a Vineyard Pruning-Mulcher Machine

Your vineyards will be covered in cuttings after pruning. Rather than dispose of your cuttings, you should use one of the Celli pruning mulchers supplied by the trusted team at Farmgard to turn these cuttings into a fine organic mulch.

Our pruning mulchers attach to your tractor and make light work of creating organise paths and evenly distributed mulch.

Only one person is needed to operate our pruning mulchers, so not only are these machines extremely useful, they are also cost effective.

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