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Why You Can Trust Farmgard’s Mixer Wagons from Abbey

Mixer wagons represent a huge expense in any livestock operation or dairy, so it’s important to choose the right machine, from the right supplier, made by the right manufacturer. Simply put, you want to get the most from your mixer wagon.

Farmgard is Australia’s premier importer and distributor of top international farm machinery brands such as Abbey, Celli, Grainstor, RZ, and Stanhay. We have 40 years’ experience under our belt and are renowned for our expertise, hands-on knowledge, and exceptional customer service.

We know that in any dairy operation, both your mixer and your feed are of vital importance. A lot of time, effort, and expense goes into securing the right feed for your livestock, so it’s essential that it is mixed and rationed out effectively with respect to your bottom line and your animals’ health.

Australian farmers can trust Abbey mixer Wagons from Farmgard, and in this blog, we will introduce just some of the reasons why you should give us a call to order yours today.

Abbey is a Trusted Brand

Abbey Machinery hails from the Abbey 100,000 sq. ft. purpose built manufacturing facility set on a 30 acre site based in Toomevara, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Their state-of-the-art feature testing facilities to vigorously field test each and every product, so you know that an Abbey product is top class.

In addition, Abbey has a dedicated Research & Development facility and a diligent Engineering Department with over 125 years engineering experience within the team.

Abbey also put all of their products to the test in a real agricultural environment. Abbey mixer wagons are built for performance, durability, strength, and convenience.

You are certainly choosing the “right” brand when you go with an Abbey Feed mixer wagon.

Farmgard Offers the Best of Customer Service and Technical Care

Farmgard operates from values of honesty, innovation, customer focus, expertise and a ‘built-to-last’ motto.

We’ve grown from a manufacturer to a successful importing and distributing business, specialising in offering the best farm machinery to Australian farmers.
Beyond providing robust, reliable, premium products, we offer legendary customer service and after-sales support.

We know what we’re talking about because we’ve been talking about it for generations. In short, we offer the kind of know-how, experience, and expertise that farmers trust.

Extra Capacity and Consistency in One Machine

In Australia, grass growth frequently slows or stops, especially during the long and dry summer months.

During these periods, you need to feed your stock with supplementary feed instead-but supplementary feed is expensive and time consuming to ration out, so your mixer wagon needs to be reliable and high performing to protect your bottom line.

Farmgard’s Abbey mixer wagon is not only tough, with a 15mm auger and 20mm floor (Hardox),  but accurate, ensuring optimum distribution of the feed along your troughs.

The Abbey mixer wagon offers extra capacity without extra height, meaning you can upgrade your mixer and retain your current farm infrastructure.

The Abbey mixer also has an unparalleled 96% mix consistency thanks to its innovative vertical auger with Tungsten knives.

The overall construction is robust yet nimble, suitable for daily operation.

Order Your Abbey Mixer Wagon Today

Contact us at 0800 FARMGARD and speak to one of our experts to learn more about our fantastic orchard machinery.

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