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Product Spotlight: Rotary Hoes

Rotary hoes are essential tillage tools that can accomplish many tasks on the field. Rotary hoes are use to prepare seedbeds, decrease soil crusting, enhance crop emergence and prevent a poor stand. They can also be use to prevent weeds, erosion, and maintain sufficient crop residue.

However, if you’ve been looking for Rotary Hoes for Sale, you will want to be sure you’re making a good investment. Not all rotary hoes are created equal, and like all your farm equipment, you want to find a strong, long lasting and efficient model.

Thankfully, Celli Rotary Hoes from Farmgard are built tough, which is why you will see these incredible pieces of equipment being used on farms all around the country and have done for decades.

Let’s take a closer look at just some of the benefits of buying one of our Celli Rotary Hoes for Sale.

1. Guaranteed Quality

Have the satisfaction of knowing you’re driving a top of the range machine with drive units designed and produced entirely by Celli in Italy. Celli ensure complete quality control over all componentry and workmanship.

2. All Weather Tillage

When you invest in a brand new rotary hoe you want to make sure it can handle all weather and soil conditions. For this reason, the Celli range includes a multi-flange waterproof sealing system exclusively by Celli to give rotor bearings full protection from water, dirt, wire and other foreign material.

3. Rotor Bearings that Last

Strong machines need strong rotor bearings. Our rotary hoes come with steel face to face rotor seals for longer lasting rotor bearings.

4. Efficient Gearboxes

The last thing you want is for your gearbox to overheat. That’s why Celli use efficient multi speed gearboxes to minimise power loss and heat buildup. The addition of optional oil coolers can be fitted to our large horsepower range.

5. Low Maintenance

With no need for grease, the oil filled rotor bearings on the Celli folding rotary hoe is built for low maintenance. Guaranteed lubrication gives you the freedom to carry on working.

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