Pruning Mulching for Farms, Paddocks and Orchards

The humble pruning mulcher is often overlooked but can provide fantastic benefits to your farm or orchard’s soil, especially if you wish to lower your impact on the environment.

In regular gardens, mulching is used to reduce weeding, watering, fertilizing, and controlling pests. However, when it comes to agriculture, there are a great deal more uses and benefits.

In this blog we will cover the key points of mulching, the concept of “pruning mulching”, and explain why pruning mulching is so valuable for farmers.

Finally, we will introduce our Celli Grass and Small Pruning Mulchers and why you should invest in a pruning mulcher of your own.

What is Mulching?

Mulching is the process of adding a layer of biodegradable plant material (called mulch) to the topsoil of your garden, farm, paddock, crop or orchard.

Mulch mimics the natural leaf litter found on a forest floor, which is usually made up of a wide variety of plant materials that provide nutrients to the soil.

The main goals of mulching is to help your soil retain moisture, reduce the likelihood of soil erosion, suppress weeds and provide nutrients without using harmful pesticides and fertilisers.

However, mulching is also used to protect the soil from both extreme heat and extreme cold. Where soil is concerned, mulch is both food and insulation.

In most cases, mulch is bought from hardware and garden supplies stores, however, as farmers need a large volume of mulch, this can quickly become very expensive.

Pruning Mulching for Agriculture

Farmers interested in sustainable practices will want to reduce the amount of mulch they buy as much as possible. In some cases, this may be an economic imperative, while in others, farmers may wish to safeguard the organic status of their farm by avoiding outside materials.

Pruning mulching is an approach to farming that enables farmers to use what they have. After pruning, your branches, leaves and any overgrown grasses can be “mulched” using farming machinery and then evenly deposited over the soil.

For many farmers, pruning mulching is an important step toward lowering their reliance on pesticides and other less-than environmentally friendly practices.

Farmgard Pruning Mulchers

Pruning mulchers are rear-mounted on the three-point linkage of your tractor and are used to both mulch and distribute your winter prunings in one go.

Our Celli Grass and Small Pruning Mulchers can work through grass, small prunings and scrub up to 25mm in diameter, which packs a lot of use in one.

While it may look “small” on the outside, our pruning mulchers back a lot of strength and agility into one machine. Its relatively small foot-print means that it offers you greater dexterity around crops and plantings, and those toothed hammer flails are at the top of their class.

The result is a long-lasting, cleaner cut that saves you time and energy, while providing high quality mulch that efficiently covers your soil.

Better yet, all of our mulchers require little horsepower to drive and save on fuel to further bolster your sustainability and regeneration efforts.

However, if you were after something a little more heavy duty, our Reversible Mulchers will handle whatever material you throw at it and years of heavy mulching work.

Top Quality Farm Machinery

Farmgard are the premier importer and distributor of the world’s top international farm machinery brands such as Abbey, Celli, Grainstor,  RZ, and Stanhay.

We began over 40 years ago with the production of the Farmgard grader blade and have carried our values of honesty, innovation, customer focus, expertise and ‘built-to-last’ into the present.

For all your enquiries contact us on 1800 FARMGARD (327 642) and speak to one of trusted experts.

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