5 Tips To Care For Your Farming Machinery

When you own a farm, private or commercial, your machinery becomes almost like your family.

Properly running machinery is absolutely essential in keeping your operation running smoothly, so it’s important to take the time to care and maintain all your farm machinery.

Keeping farm machinery running smoothly is not cheap, and the breakdowns are often costly to repair. Breakdowns can also affect overall productivity and income when you are not able to harvest on time effectively – not to mention the resale value increases when equipment has

Safety is another huge thing to consider. Machinery that isn’t properly cared for or maintained, can have detrimental results on property or people.  When machinery has been cared for, there is a much less risk posed to those working with them.
In this blog, we’re providing you with 5 tips to ensure that your farm machinery remains running stronger for longer!


  • Keep to regular service intervals for powered equipment.
    They say prevention is better than a cure.
    Having a regimented servicing program is the best way to ensure that no piece of machinery gets left behind in a pile of wasted parts. Keep a diary that records all information on what the machinery needed and when the maintenance was done.Storing this information will not only give you peace of mind, but is also acts as a valuable reminder for when equipment will need future maintenance.

    Tip: A digital diary record is recommended as you can set up automatic notifications to remind you.

  • Check for the correct procedure in the operators manual  to carry out the service if you are doing the service yourself.
    We recommend always going to a professional, but if you think you are more than qualified to get the job done, then it’s best practice to carry out maintenance in line with the correct procedures.This means it’s time to blow the dust off those operators manuals you probably haven’t opened since you acquired the machine and make sure you get the job done right, the first time.
    Not doing so won’t just cost you in the long run, but it could also jeopardise your health and safety, or the health and safety of whoever is operating the machinery.
  • Physical Check before operation of the equipment.
    Before using your machinery, it’s best to give it a physical/visual check before turning it on. Looking for any obvious, or not so obvious, flaws that may inhibit the machinery’s performance is integral to your safety, and for the longevity of the machine.In nearly all cases, the machine inspections should be tailored to the specific machine design and operating environment.

    Checks should be done frequently, with good judgement, and must cover a wide range of aspects including water and fuel levels, temperature checks, and much more.

  • Check tyres for correct air pressure before each operation.
    One of the most important aspects of properly running machinery is to ensure that there is correct tyre pressure in all tyres before flicking the on switch – that includes spare tyres!This improves the overall functionality of the machinery, saving you on future costs of fuel and unnecessary replacement of parts.
  • Correctly store the machine / implement in readiness for the next use.
    This is one that goes very much unnoticed. But keeping all machinery in a dry, tidy space, away from the elements, is crucial in the overall upkeep on the machines.Doing so will reduce the risk of rust or corrosion to any parts and keep your machinery running stronger for longer.


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